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•  Pints and Flights (4 four oz tasters) available in Taproom
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Beer to Go!! Take it with you in Growlers and Grumblers!!

What is a Growler / Grumbler????
Why, it's the very best friend a GOOD BEER drinker like yourself could ever have! It's one reusable container of the freshest brew you ever laid your lips on.

Growler / Grumbler fun facts:
•  Completely reusable container - unless you drop it.
•  Growler holds half a gallon of fresh craft beer – Grumbler holds 2 pints.
•  Keeps for 1 week if you treat it nicely (cold and in the dark).
•  9 bucks for a Growler, 13 bucks for the beer, 7 bucks for a Grumbler, 7 bucks for the fill.
•  Once opened, you've got 2-3 days to make good use of it, but it's best to finish it in one sitting.
•  Refills are 13 /7 bucks too, but you'll need to rinse out the jug AND the cap beforehand. I recommend very hot water and NO SOAP. Soap is harder to wash out than the beer!
•  No, they don’t actually make a growling noise. That's probably your stomach. Thirsty, eh?

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