Chain O' Lakes Brewing Company

About Us

Chain O'Lakes Brewing Company has served its last beer at Brewery Corner and has sold its brew house to Bob Master who will reopen as McHenry Brewing Co during February 2018.  Curt and Linda thank everyone for their friendship and loyalty.  Bob is modifying the taproom and building to recognize the history of brewery corner, the city and the state bicentennial.   Stay informed at

In 2012 Curt & Linda secured the historic McHenry Brewery, bought some used brewing equipment from a closed brewery in California and had it shipped to its present home in Illinois.  And Chain O’Lakes Brewing came to life.  The site for the brewery was formerly the McHenry Brewing Company that operated from 1868 until closing the doors in the 1940s.

While Curt and his wife Linda love their lives as brewers and entrepreneurs it is hard to completely walk away from a life they lived for 30 years.  That is why the Marines and all the Veterans have a special place in the taproom. Join us for local Craft Beer in McHenry.